The Yellow Haired Girl


💁When the TIPPING POINT has occurred. It’s subtle at first — he gets annoyed when you try to TICKLE HIM and SMELL HIS NECK in bed… he stops asking you to HOP IN THE SHOWER with him even though you’re both in a hurry… you try to ignore it as long as you can, but you feel it in your heart and know it in your thighs… And then one day, homeboy’s simply GONE. You CRY and you STARVE and you BINGE and you SCREAM. You’re not scared you’re becoming your MOTHER, you’re scared you’re becoming your Mother’s FRIEND. You know, the one who always came over for TV dinner night with tear swollen eyes and blamed it on guys? You itch your skin because your chemicals are off without him and nothing feels right and the walls are closing in……. and then one day you wake up and the CURSE BEGINS TO FADE….. you feel a little free and want to get a little stronger so you eat MORE VEGETABLES and drink MORE WATER and remember that you’re proud to be your FATHER’S DAUGHTER. Fuck that guy who broke your heart, skate away little girl and BE FREE!!!!!!!!!! (One day far away you will run into him and he will be married to a girl who sort of looks like you NAMED HEATHER, and you will wish him happiness and smell your new lover’s neck that sort of smells like his, BUT BETTER .) 🖤🎬🎥🌂