I’m a natural storyteller and collector of myths. My adventures include living in the Caribbean and building a farm and riding my Harley solo across the Southwest in search of hot springs. My explorations have led me from documenting abandoned houses in my hometown to navigating other dimensions in the jungles of Peru. I come with an open heart, an East Coast work ethic and a BFA in visual arts with a concentration in photography and printmaking.



Smudge Films – Clara’s Ghost (feature-length movie; post-production)(assc. producer)

Someware Goods – Older Siblings in Colombia, Part 2(promo; to be released) (written/directed by)

Someware GoodsOlder Siblings in Colombia, Part 1 (promo; to be released) (written/directed by)

Alisha Westerman – I’m Not Asking You To Believe In Me Promo Doc (promo & teaser; to be released December 2017) (written/directed by/produced)

Alisha Westerman – Where You At (music video; to be released December 2017)(directed by/produced)

Alisha WestermanAnchors Aweigh (music video; to be released October 2017)(directed by/produced)

Alisha WestermanHuman Prize (music video; released September 2017)(directed by/produced)

Fireball MinistryThe Answer (music video; released September 2017)(actor)


The Yellow Haired Girl Short #1 – Rooftop Sway (released Fall 2016)(written/directed by)

The Yellow Haired Girl Short #2Rollerskate Away (released Fall 2016)(written/directed by)

The Yellow Haired Girl Short #3 – Alone on New Years (released Fall 2016)(written/directed by)